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Leg Aesthetics

Leg Aesthetics

Certain problems such as too thin or too thick legs, bow legs, and excessive fat accumulation at the sides of the knees and ankles are problems that cannot be solved with exercise or diet. Certain procedures such as calf implant placement, liposuction, fat injections, and filler injection are carried out for solving problems in the leg area. These procedures can be performed alone or sometimes in conjunction with each other at the same time. If the thicknesses of the regions above and below the knee are different, if the thicknesses or shapes of the two legs are different, or if the legs look crooked, the problem can be solved with calf implant placement or filler injection.

The aesthetic defects seen on the legs can be generally classified as distorted posture, thick legs or ankles, and asymmetrical legs. In childhood, poor nutrition, hereditary characteristics, rapid weight gain and loss, lack of exercise, gravity and lack of exercise are the main reasons for loss of leg aesthetics. Leg plastic surgery can be applied by itself or it may be applied together with hip and abdominal plastic surgery.

In leg plastic surgery, thinning and posture disorders are corrected by considering the amount and spread of adipose tissue in the legs. These problems are eliminated by the silicone prosthesis or filling with fats from different parts of the patient’s body in patients with inadequate adipose tissue. Starting in the 70s, leg plastic surgery has advanced significantly.

Nowadays, many methods with or without surgery are used according to the nature of the patient’s complaints. The Smooth Shape method is one of them.





Operation Time

2 Hours

Recovery Time

7-10 days

Final Results

4 - 8 Months

Things to Pay Attention

It is recommended to use special corset after the process. Weight gain should be controlled within the diet and sports program given to you.

Usage Time


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