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Facial plasty is a procedure intended for giving the patient a younger facial appearance, by removing the excess part of the loose or sagging facial skin. The surgery to be performed does not stop aging but can turn the clock a little bit back and provides rejuvenation in your facial appearance. The aging time is returned back, but it continues to run.Some people need to have a second surgery 7-15 years later, while many others do not need. Face lift scar is not noticeable. However, it can be noticed when looked closely, and can be concealed with slight makeup. As people age, the traces of the gravity, the sun, and the stress of everyday life can be seen in their faces. Deep lines may occur between the mouth and nose; the chin line gets larger and laxer, and fat deposits may appear in the neck. Face lift cannot stop the aging process. Face lift surgery is removal of the patient's loosening or sagging facial skin to gain a younger facial appearance. The removal of excess oil is a process that fixes the findings of aging, such as the tension of the muscles and the skin stretching of the face and neck. The procedure does not stop aging, but actually reverses the clock, allowing rejuvenation of your face. Face lift operation can be done alone, or in conjunction with other surgical procedures such as forehead lift, blepharoplasty, or rhinoplasty. The best candidate for a face lift is a patient with elastic skin and strong bones, whose neck skin have begun to sag. Most of the patients are aged 45-60 years. Face lift makes you younger and fresher, and improves your self-confidence. Some patients may require surgery again after 7-15 years, and many patients do not need a second face lift. The scars of the face lift surgery can only be noticed with a very close look and may be hidden with a slight makeup.


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