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Weight Loss with Cool Laser

Weight Loss with Cool Laser


Cool lipolysis (cryolipolysis) used to reshape the body is one of the newest noninvasive procedures.

It is a system ideal for the elimination of persistent fats that accumulate especially in the belly, back, sides of the waist, inside legs, around the bra line, and on the surface of the inner parts of the arms.

The 2 special apparatus of the device vacuum the excess fat from the region of the local fat accumulation, and simultaneously cool the region down to 10 degrees.

The process takes 30 to 60 minutes.

The target fat cells are irreversibly broken without damaging the skin’s surface, because they are more vulnerable to cold compared with other cells.

As a result of this, 20-40% reduction is observed in the fat cells located in the application site, after a single session.

The period of this reduction ends within 2 to 3 months, starting from the first week, and the permanent effects begin to be observed within 3 months.

The cool lipolysis (cryolipolysis) procedure can be administered to all people apart from those who are sensitive to cold, pregnant women, and nursing mothers.

After the procedure, slight redness, bruising and numbness experienced due to the vacuum effect; however, these effects go away within about 1 day.

This procedure that can be carried out in both the summer-winter months without exception is a practical one-time procedure alternative to surgical liposuction, with its advantages that it does not involve bleeding, incision, scar, and the use of needle

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