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Microblading is an application that is made by drawing with a thin needle on the skin using a plant based root dye. The aim is to achieve a stylish result by bringing the eyebrow to the fore without disturbing the natural image of the eyebrow. The shape, color and intensity of the eyebrow are determined according to the facial contours of the person, while the frequency of the individual's own eyebrows,  scars or stains, the thinness of the eyebrow, the thickness are taken into consideration. After the eyebrow design is made with the special eyebrow design pen, it is applied to the skin with the root dye and the needle placed in the microblading pen where the region that is made ready for application locally.

After application the color of the eyebrow will be a few tons of dark. Over time, the color of the paint is ligten to reach the desired color.

Maintenance after application should not be neglected. In order to eliminate the destruction of the application site, vitamins and fatty products should be preferred. The average healing period of the epidermis is 1 month. Persistence of microblading application is 1-1,5 years depending on the skin's fatigue rate, depending on the person's skin structure and whether the person has any discomfort or not.

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