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Chin Fillers

Chin Fillers


What are chin fillers? 

Chin fillers can augment a weak chin profile, restore  volume that’s been lost to aging, fill in a cleft, balance  facial features, and create more definition between your  face and neck. Typically made of hyaluronic acid, a  naturally occurring substance found in the skin, chin fillers  are a nonsurgical, temporary alternative to a permanent  chin implant. 

Pros of the operation? 

●           Chin fillers can create a more defined chin and balance your facial features.

●           The procedure is noninvasive, with a much quicker recovery time than chin implant surgery.

Pros of Doctor Zafer Atakan? 

Dr. Zafer Atakan’s personal aesthetic philosophy, 15 years  of expertise, delicate hands and perfectionist work ethic,  his ability to optimally balance customized transformation  specific to the person's conditions, his large exposure to  different cultures, tailor-made approach for each  single/tiny act will make you reach your ideal beauty  approved by majority.  


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